A lighter whipped topping


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If you are watching you weight, truwhip and truwhip skinny are new light frozen whipped toppings. These products are free of high fructose syrup and GMOs. However this is not a low sugar option. You can eat both frozen for a soft serve iced cream-like treat that has only 100 calories for a half-cup serving. If you defrost it can used like a whipped topping.


truwhip contains no high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, no polysorbate 60, no trans fats, and no GMOs. truwhip is also certified gluten-free and Kosher. So what is in? The main ingredients are water, tapioca syrup and sugar. According to my research, Tapioca syrup is a sugar syrup broken down from the starch from cassava. It is just different type of sugar. And the other main ingredient is expeller-pressed palm kernel which is a pretty good choice as non transfat oil that is high in Vitamin E. But it is oil and needs to be eaten only in small quantities.


There are no “free-calories” when it comes to sugar and fat.


You may love truwhip and want to eat in small quantiles. It will appeal to whip topping lovers . This is not a health food, so view it as a treat.


How did it taste? If you love Cool Whip and similar desserts, this is for you! Real ice cream lovers — this is not going to cut it for you. Eat the real thing and cut calories elsewhere.