A darkly bewitching romance

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In Wildalone, the author Krassi Zourkova draws on Bulgarian legends of the “samodivi” or “wildalones,” – forest witches who seduce and men, drive them mad, and leave them for dead.

Thea Slavin arrives at Princeton from Bulgaria with a secret and mission. The beautiful piano prodigy has discovered that she had a sister who was also a brilliant pianist. Her sister died during her first year at Princeton. Thea’s parent never spoke to Thea who was only three when her sister left home. Her parents brought her up her as an only child.

Now as a freshman at an Ivy League school Thea finds herself in a world of posh eating clubs, pushy professors, and academics. But when she encounters a Greek Art professor who knew her sister Thea is drawn into the mystery off her sister’s death.  As she reads the accounts of her sister’s strange behaviour and death she becomes determined to discover really happened at Princeton 15 years earlier.

Thea is also pursued by a beautiful, dashing and magnetic man, Rhys, who courts her passionately. At first, she believes Rhys to be her “stalker”, an admirer who has been leaving her roses. Thea finally gives in to Rhys’s seduction. She discovers him to be a brilliant pianist. Thea is shocked when she finds out her stalker is his look-alike bother, Jake, who is also attracted to her.

Thea is caught between the two mysterious brothers as she is pulled deeper in the mystery of what happened to her sister.

Wildalone is an intriguing blend of modern gothic romance, mystery, and magic. Lovers of dark romance will fall under ifs spell.