My big fat Jewish wedding

A Catered Affair by Sue Margolis is the unexpectedly funny story of a jilted bride and her big lovable Jewish family.  

Tallulah, a Londoner in her 30s, is about to marry a Jewish doctor in a lavish catered affair paid for by her doting grandmother. When the groom leaves her at the temple, she and her family depart to mourn her wedding at the reception. Before the dishes are cleared Tallulah is drunk and making passes at all the men. Her Nana has already started looking for a new groom.
The book is a hilarious portrait of modern love and families. I adored the Nana character, her feisty grandmother. Nana survived the Nazis and is still game enough in her 80s to take on a fascist or get her 30-something granddaughter married off. Her lesbian comedian sister and eccentric mother had me in stitches, yet, they are believable characters in today’s “modern families".