A sassy read

A Bad Day for Pretty by Sophie Littlefield is the sequel to A Bad Day for Sorry. Sewing machine shop-owner and private detective, Stella is getting cozy with the sexy local sheriff when his ex-wife shows up to ruin her romance. Before Stella and her sheriff can reunite and rekindle, the local handy man and a friend of Stella’s is under suspicion for murder. He is also a former drug-addict. Stella and her sassy assistant Chrissy find themselves knee-deep in a complicated plot involving drugs, sex, and Stella’s sexy sheriff. This is a different kind of detective yarn. Stella is a mature heroine, 50 years old. She is not afraid to take on abusive husbands and wrongdoers, but is still shy when it comes to romance. This is a perfect book for women who looking for a new kind of heroine.