Get to know Bonnie Blossman the breakout star of “Big Rich Texas”

Dr. Bonnie BlossmanDr. Bonnie Blossman is the breakout star of “Big Rich Texas,” a show that features the big hair and attitudes of Texas mother-daughter duos in the Dallas area.
As a college professor, author, and CEO, Dr. Bonnie Blossman is far from the typical Texas blond. Bonnie is ultra-feminine and a little offbeat. In addition to her teaching duties, Bonnie writes popular novels, often with supernatural themes, for young people.
Bonnie agreed to share some of her secrets for managing so many different enterprises –and how she looks so good while she does it. Here is what she told us:
DD: What has been the best thing about being on Big Rich Texas? And what has been the most stressful?  
BB: The best thing is meeting all the new people on social media who have been such a positive force in my life. The most stressful is the drama that I have to go through on the show – both on and off camera. I'm not a person who loves confrontation, and I like to stay within my harmonious group of friends. I've never argued with people so much in my life!
DD: Who of your fellow cast mates surprised you most, and how? 
BB: I think that collectively, Melissa, Connie, Dee, Cindy, and Wendy have surprised me the most because I didn't set out to do the show to make new friends, but I think I've found an absolutely wonderful group of friends in these fabulous ladies! Each one of these beautiful women brings her own skill-set and awesome personality to the table, and as a group, we perfectly fit together, like pieces of a puzzle. I am blessed to have met each one of them. I still adore all of the friends I had before the show, of course. I feel life is about making as many true friends you can, and, in exchange, being dedicated to those who trust you with friendship. Friendship is not something to be taken lightly or abused.
DD: You have a PhD., are a qualified physiologist, and have also been a university instructor. So, how and why did you decide to start writing mystery and horror books?  
BB: Being in school for 10 years was stressful, to say the least. I started writing because my father, a medical doc/surgeon, wrote as a hobby. He's more of a poet, but he inspired me and taught me how to write. I started writing in the late '90s as a hobby and as a stress reliever from the rigorous Master's degree program that I was in. I didn't even publish my first book or attempt to – they say your first is never publishable. I'd like to revisit it one day, however. But over time, I started writing more novels, short stories, non-fiction articles, and eventually mystery parties. All of my works have a science-inspired, dark style of writing. Don't judge a book by its cover applies to me in more ways than one. I love to write suspenseful, dark, and sometimes paranormal stories.
DD: Who inspired your heroine Fiona Frost?
BB: Fiona is an entirely fictional young lady I created to be a strong role model for today's young adults (and teens). She is strong-minded, intelligent, and ambitious. She is morally sound yet fallible, and learns from her mistakes. I try to instill life lessons in the books without being obvious about it. I am using her to inspire young ladies to be interested in science and to have confidence that they can go into scientific careers. I created her character back in 2009 when I wrote the first mystery party game in the series. When I later met Maddie Poe, she was a perfect fit for the character – for her to be the spokesperson. I hope to expand this into a franchise one day with not only the novels and mystery parties, but with iPhone apps, computer games, and even a television series.
DD: You have many enterprises and activities, from teaching to your publishing company and books, well as appearing Big Rich Texas. Where do you get the energy and drive to do it all?
 BB: I think that failure as a teen (I dropped out, got my GED, had a child/got married at 17, etc.) later pushed me into becoming overly ambitious. I had a daughter I had to take care of and it set a fire under me to achieve as much as I could. Now it is a quest. My motto is 'never give up, conquer all.'  I don't sleep much, and work every day I can – most of the time, it is seven days a week. Jason has to force me to go out and socialize or take a break from working. 
DD: What are your fashion must-haves for everyday?
BB: Well, since I work from home, my fashion must-have is a full awesome collection of Victoria Secret pajamas. This is what I wear every day. When I go out, I must wear heels – no matter what I'm wearing, I will wear heels. Being short, it's a must and it just makes me feel feminine.
DD: What is your favorite “red carpet look”?
BB: Sparkles! I love it when my dresses sparkle! And I love to wear bright, vibrant colors with sparkly shoes. 
DD: What is the secret of your fitness routine?
BB: Jason and I walk four miles per day. We go to the gym and I do the treadmill or elliptical for an hour – about twice per week. When I fall off my routine, I start seeing it on the scales. When we were busy filming and I wasn't working out, I gained five pounds. Exercise is a must – it has over 100 health benefits, anyway. 
DD: What are your favorite beauty must-haves?
BB: 100% your look is not complete without false eyelashes. I felt odd when I started wearing them, but now, I feel naked without them. They just complete your look – like a bow on a package. And the funkier the lashes, the better. I like to change it up and wear ones with a glitter band or with rhinestones on them. Why not?
DD: What is always in your handbag?
BB: My powder and lip gloss. You should always do touchups on those two things if you are out and about. A shiny face and half-worn lip color isn't pretty. It makes you look unkempt.
DD: Share three of your best fashion or beauty tips?
BB: Wearing all black with a pop of color (i.e. scarf, the shoes, a belt, etc.) is an easy wardrobe option and always classy. Plus, black is slimming!
I get the most compliments when I add a touch of metallic pink eye shadow on the inside of my lips over the lipstick for a highlight. It not only adds a pout to your lips, but the color highlight is amazing. And, the lip color stays longer with eye shadow!
Use your concealer under the arch of your brow instead of a light highlighting eye shadow. Add this after applying your eye shadow and lightly blend. You'll look less harsh than using a frosty highlight and it gives a natural looking arch to the brow.
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