Make it skinny

 Jennifer Iserloh  Jennifer Iserloh, the author of The Secrets of a Skinny Chef, 100 Decadent Guilt Free Recipes, believes that the essence of good health springs from your own kitchen. Jennifer is a professionally trained chef who battled with weight. She put her training to work by creating healthful, lower-calorie, delicious recipes. If you love to eat, but also want to be fit and slim – or slimmer – don’t miss a word of this fabulous and informative interview.

DD: What inspired you to write the Skinny Chef?
JI: My inspiration comes from a very personal place, as a person who was once obese.  I wanted to create a cookbook with tasty recipes that can help people control not only their weight but also help boost nutrition, so they can have energy to live a full and happy life.
DD: What makes a recipe “skinny”?
JI: They are low in fat and calories but still have a lot of flavors that people expect from “unhealthy” or full-fat dishes.
DD: What are a few of your favorite ways to “skinny-up” a recipe?
JI: I love to use “swap outs”, and it’s so easy that anyone can do it. For example, low-fat dairy for full fat, egg whites in place of whole eggs, ground turkey and chicken in place of ground beef or steak, Greek yogurt in place of mayo, use lemon and orange zest, spices, and fresh herbs to boost flavor.
:  Do people notice much difference in the taste of a Skinny Chef version of food and a regular version?
JI: I entertain often to test out the “skinnyfied recipes” and all my guy friends gobble up the nachos. They swear they are made with beef as well as the pulled pork that is rich in flavor low in fat. The key is to keep texture, flavors, and aromas the same – so that guests don’t notice reductions in fat, salt, and sugar as much.
DD: Are your recipes time-consuming?
JI: They take anywhere from
10 to 40 minutes to prepare.  I created the book for the home cook even though I have professional training. My greatest hope is to get people back to their kitchens. Cooking healthy meals with fresh ingredients is the easiest way to eat well and be healthy at the same time – and that doesn’t have to be complicated.
DD: Are there real calorie savings in cooking like a Skinny Chef, and are the recipes also more healthful?
JI: Calories are always important when it comes to maintaining or losing weight, but nutrition goes beyond just calories.  So when I created the recipes I also thought about things like fiber, vitamins including A, C, D, and powerful mineral and anti-oxidants such as lycopene, folate, and Omega 3, that are responsible for keeping us fit and young looking.