1. Sunburn relief

    -Sunburnt_neck_and_shouldersClick on the top title to open and scroll If you want pretty, youthful skin, careful sun protection is a must. Avoiding sunburn is also vital for preventing skin cancer. Even with vigilance burns still happen.  You can get “caught” in expectedly sunny situations or stuck outside a little too long. Even in this day and age there are people who insist on going to venues with no shade on hot days. I have had to leave more than one party under protest to avoid second-degree burns. If your skin is fair there is a short window of time you can spend in bright sunlight before burning, no matter how strong your sun screen.

    To avoid sunburn:  ( Image: Wikimedia Commons)Hydroprptide.jpg

    Use SPF 30 or higher. I prefer at least SPF 50 with added antioxidants. Use enough sunscreen. The recommended amount is a shot glass for your body and at least a quarter sized dollops for your face. If you spray your sunscreen spray it heavily and rub it in. I use a spray every day from shoulders to toes.

    If you are sensitive and sunscreen bothers you try a nonchemical sunscreen.

    I use a spray which is a mix of advanced chemical sun screens and anti-oxidants on my body and a non-chemical sunscreen on my face and décolleté.

    Carry sunscreen with you if you are spending the day outside.


    Here are a few favourites:



    Fake Bake Sol http://fakebake.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=FBTU&Product_Code=FBRSVR-01



    If sunburn does happen learn how to treat it. It is a burn so bathe in cool water. Aspirin or Tylenol may make you feel better.  And you can also apply HydroPeptide Soothing Serum: Redness Repair and Relief.  It contains calming peptides and botanical stem cells to help reduce redness, hydrate, soothe, and promote a more even skin tone. According to its creators, “A Leather Leaf Powder Puff stem cell also promotes an even skin tone, minimizes redness and enhances a natural glow while strengthening the skin’s own defense system, while blueberry extracts promote an elastic and smooth texture by delaying collagen breakdown.”

    HydroPeptide Face Lift: Advanced Ultra-Light Moisturizer contains a mega-dose of multi-performance peptides that, according to the company, “reinforce skin’s defenses while thoroughly protecting against environmental stressors by restoring firmness and visibly improving the appearance of wrinkles & age spots.” The blend of a dozen antioxidants with powerful peptides is impressive.  Studies show that peptides are effective at stimulating collagen and elastin for improved skin tone and firmness while reducing fine lines. The bonus is that many women don’t experience the irritation they do from other anti-aging skin care ingredients. This can be important to women with sensitive skin or skin irritated by solar over-exposure.

    Serious burns over a large area that has blistered, or skin that has blackened in any area needs prompt medical attention.