1. Summer beach book, a “sweet” read

    As Sweet Nothings begins, practical Ruby McMillan is knocked for a loop. Her husband Walter announces that he is leaving her for “the love of his life. She can’t believe that her dependable husband,
    Walter, is head-over-heels for another woman, and that he is just walking out on her and their two teenaged children. But he does.
    What really hurts is that the love of her husband’s life is not a sexy young thing but a woman her own age. And, to add insult to injury, her husband has left her in danger of losing her home by not paying the mortgage and leaving town on his lover’s yacht.
    Ruby has to break out of her of shell to teach a pastry class and revive her failing bakery or face losing her home.
    After a startling makeover from her fashion savvy daughter, Ruby runs into her disturbingly attractive mortgage broker. Suddenly, the practical Ruby is feeling hot and bothered. As her thoughts wander from baking to lust, Ruby wonders if she has sealed off the loving, sexy side of herself that may have kept her marriage alive.
    In Sweet Nothings Janice Thomas captures the dilemma of many middle-aged women who lose the sweetest side of themselves as struggle to raise children and work. This book is funny, poignant, and sweet.