1. Style notes from the stars

    12graceysmallClick top title to open   Darlings, if it seems silly to borrow style tips from the stars then think again. There is no one better to crib from than an actress. Hollywood stars are not all as tall, skinny, and even-featured as fashion models. But they are experts at making the most of their assets. So pick a star you can relate to and whose style you admire, and take notes! This is what all the makeup, designers, fashion editors, and hair stylists will be doing, so why not you too?

    I want to thank all the great PR teams who sent DolceDolce reports on how the stars get their looks. This is one of the best things that has ever happened to beauty reporting. Getting step-by-step breakdowns of a star’s hair or makeup and the products used may be a marketing device, but it is a great learning tool. These stars use the best hair and makeup people, so when they share their secrets it is time to listen and learn. 

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