1. Stop ugly sunspots

    We love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula products. They smell delicious, feel good, and leave skin baby soft. We aren’t surprised that Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry, and Eva Mendes love it too. 

    If you get ugly brown spots and discoloration from the sun you will love the newPalmer’s Cocoa butter Formula with Vitamin E Eventone Body Milk and Eventone Fade Cream.  
    The new Eventone line fades discoloration and dark spots for a more even skin tone in six weeks. It uses natural ingredients including cocoa butter, Synovea (an organic skin lightener), soy, niacinamide, Vitamin C and licorice extract. They also added a sunscreen and fresh lily fragrance. I love using this lotion on my arms and legs; it smells great and having natural ingredients, I didn’t worry about over-using it.
    Palmer’s has improved my secret weapon with the Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick with SPF 30. The classic Palmer’s Swivel Stick now has SPF 30! I apply it under my eyes at night to seal in pricey eye cream. I also use it over makeup to keep my skin looking moist and dewy all day. It works! Women often ask me why I don’t have lines under my eyes. The cocoa butter helps! It’s also great on lips and any other dry spots. I keep one in my handbag and another by my bed. Now that it has an SPF 30, I will apply it even more often!