1. Stay well

    Don’t let overindulgence blight your enjoyment of the holidays. If too much of good thing has left you feeling bloated and unwell, try Gaia Herbs Rapid Relief Digestive Support for gas and bloating. It is made in Tuscany, Italy by Aboca, the herbal leader that has supplied more than 25,000 European pharmacies and health food stores since 1978. 

    The all-natural formula contains vegetable charcoal, fennel, and a blend of herbs that includes cumin and other good things. Consult your doctor for any serious or recurrent problem.
    Even if you have had a flu shot –or two – and wash your hands like a fiend, you may feel that you are surrounded by plague carriers coughing and sneezing their brains out. I know I did recently while trying to watch a film. It is maddening. Many of these disease carriers do not even cover their mouths! Maddening!
    If you feel an illness coming on you may want to try Gaia Herbs Quick Defense Quick Response at Onset. Five years of research have identified the chemical differences in echinacea that effectively boosts the body’s immune response. Gaia Herbs Quick Defense Quick Response at Onset is designed to help your body fight off infection if taken at the first sign of illness.
    I took some at the first signs of sore throat, which for me precedes a cold, and it worked like charm. I drank lots of water and went to bed.
    I also got my seasonal flu shot and will be getting my H1N1 injection this week. The illnesses around today are scary. Eating well, sleeping, hygiene, and supplements are the best defense.