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    Silk Peel

    Silk Peel

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    Award season is here again and the stars walking the red carpet will want to look their best. Some will undergo outrageous facials that cost more than $1,000. Others will get their glow at the dermatologist’s office with a peel, banish fines with a little a Botox, or get an injection of filllers.  Hollywood beauties pull out all the stops for award season. 

    But many of the beauty treatments and products that celebrities depend on are available to you, too. Here is a list of our favourite “red carpet-ready” products and treatments: 

    Banish bags

    You can roll away puffy eyes with Exuviance DE Puffing Eye Serum. The triple micro-roller applicator gently massages skin to stimulate circulation and encourage drainage while delivering a high-potency complex that will get rid of puffiness.

    If puffy eyes are your problem, emulate A-listers by skipping salt, carbonation, and junk food for a few days before a big event; all of these can make you retain water.  Get plenty of sleep. If you suffer from allergies check with your doctor as a non-drowsy antihistamine can also help relieve swollen eyes. 

    Get the A-list Glow

    Katie Couric and the Olson twins are fans of the Lumixyl SilkPeel Facial.  This rejuvenating peel is known as the by some as the “Oscar facial miracle” and leaves skin smooth and hydrated with no down time. www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS3UoP5LX6w Don’t forget the best peel in the world won’t help if you forget to apply sunscreen. If it stings or causes breakouts, try a non-chemical product.

     Blemish solution

    The irony of breakouts is that the worse time for a pimple is usually when one pops up. That is because stress is a major cause of pimple problems. What can a girl do? Dab on MD Complete Breakout Spot Treatment. It doesn’t contain-Benzoyl Peroxide which can irritate skin. It has ingredients to kill the bacteria that cause breakouts while soothing and hydrating skin.

    Find it at Target.

     If you feel a blemish popping up, do not apply heat but instead use ice to reduce redness and inflammation before applying the spot treatment.