1. Spray on a mineral block

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    I love the convenience of spray-on sunscreen but I prefer chemical-free sun protection. Chemicals bother my sensitive skin. I also prefer not to coat the largest organ in my body with chemicals. It is not easy to find an all-natural spray sunscreen. When I read the labels, I find that many sunscreens marked all-natural or organic have chemicals in them. 

    Bare Republic by Coola makes an SPF 30 Mineral Sport Sunscreen Spray that is chemical-free! It is in a non-propellant aerosol container that lets you apply broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection quickly from head to toe. It is contains no chemical actives, no synthetic fragrances, and no parabens.  You have or rub it in and are careful when you wear black as it can rub on you.  It costs about $14 at Target or online for a six-ounce spray can. Try this is sun screen gives a rash.