1. Splurges!

    Click on the top line of titles to open each item!  12graceysmallAnd now that we have spent an issue on our favourite beauty bargains I want to take a minute to sing the praises of a beauty splurge or two. There are not some pricy items that you will can never duplicate –nor would you want to as they would lose their magic. For me it is fragrance and foundation.  I love Chanel and Guerlain’s Shalimar and Jicky. I have a few other French scents I swoon over and pricy essential oils that are sold in tiny vials. When it comes to foundation and BB creams I don’t want to see it on my face and invisibility is costly. I used to think some of my favourite face creams were pricy at several hundred dollars a jar –but now days there are so many creams that cost much more. But the point is every beauty lover has her thing – a must-have mascara, gloss, or potion.  So darlings embrace the splurges and love bargains –they all make you feel fabulous.

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