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    The holiday season is a celebration of abundance,

    good will, and generosity, so some of us think

    we have to overboard and dazzle our friends and family

    with an avalanche of giving and orgy of eating.


    A thoughtful, well-selected gift that is given from the heart

    Will be appreciated by those who know and love you.

    You might be surprised how many people try to avoid eating

     too many sugary, fat-laden treats.

     Making a date for yoga or a walk may be just the thing!


    When it comes to entertaining, if you love it by all means do it !

    The holidays are a fabulous time for a festive get-together .

    But remember, a good guest is also a precious gift.

    I say this as a hostess of many years.

    Never feel pressured to reciprocate invitations in kind, especially at the holidays.

    A heartfelt note of appreciation and maybe thoughtful little gift is more

    than sufficient thanks. If you know your hosts well and are on a budget,

    an offer to help may be the best gift.   


    Savour the season.


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