1. Spa in a jar

    Canadain Glacial ClayIcky sticky summer weather can play havoc with your skin. The best fast-fix I know is a good masque. Some dermatologists claim masques are useless, yet many offer many treatments in their “medi-spas” which are no more than glorified facials at a steep price. I’d rather invest the cost of one treatment in a couple of good masques. I can put my feet up at home and soak in a tub before a night out, save my cash, and still have skin like a gardenia petal!
    A good masque can make your skin look and feel fabulous before a special occasion, and that is exactly what I want. I save major skin tune-ups for my doctor or cosmetic acupuncturist Fang Wang.
    During the stickiest days of summer I sometimes use a masque two to three times a week. I find it leaves my skin looking flawless and feeling refreshed.
    I  combine masques for a custome beauty treatmentThe hot weather makes my normally-dry skin oily in places. So I combine two masques for a “custom treatment”. Two of my favourites are Elizabeth Grant’s European Spa Collection Thermal Mud Masque. I love its mineral-rich Canadian glacial clay. It is not too drying, but removes impurities and leaves my face soft. I combine it with Torricelumn Caviar Avocado Rehydrating Masque, which is a super moisturizing treat.