1. Dream on silk

    Click on the topmost title and scrollSLIPSILKPILLOWCASE

    A Slip is a luxurious pillowcase that saves your blowout and your skin.

    The pure high quality “Mulberry silk” keeps hair from tangling. Unlike synthetic or cotton it won’t pull moisture from your skin either.


    You wake up with your hair undamaged and your face looking and feeling fresh.

    Slips come in black, caramel, charcoal, pink, and white.

    I like black to avoid showing the mascara smears that happen, no matter how well I remove my makeup.


    Slips cost $79.90 for Standard/Queen size and $99.90 for King size.



    I’m also hooked on invisibobbles. These cute little hair rings don’t hurt my hair. They are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. invisibobbles are the perfect solution for yoga, face washing, and baths. I can put up my hair without worrying about damage and take it down without a dent.