1. Sleep naturally

    As we learned in our Q&A, most of us do not get the recommended 7 hours of snooze time. Yes darlings, you need 7 hours a night of sleep to be bright and beautiful. For nights when you may you need some extra help getting to sleep, why not try a natural remedy?

    TheraVeda Organix Sleep Ease contains a holistic formula to send you off to dreamland. It comes highly-recommended by our holistic advisors. Herbal supplements don’t work like pharmaceuticals; they are gentler and won’t give you a drug hangover. To get your full quota of ZZZ’s: Allow yourself time to unwind; try reading instead of TV. Dim your lights and relax. Try to sleep in cool, quiet room. Socks can help many people with cold feet drift off. Earplugs can be a help if your environment is noisy. Try cozy eyeshades, if you cannot darken your room. Most importantly, do not fret. Sleep will come.