1. Sizzling beach read

     Beautiful Sacrifice: A Novel by Elizabeth Lowell is all a beach read should be.
    Sexy professor Lina Taylor believes she is being followed, but can’t imagine why. Her mother, antiquities dealer Cecilia Reyes Balm, is a direct descendant of Mayan royalty and has made a fortune selling Mayan artifacts. Her father, Phillip, is a famous, but eccentric archeologist. Lina keeps her professional life as an academic in Dallas separate from that of her flamboyant family.
    As the Winter Solstice of 2012 approaches, the “Mayan Long Count “ calendar resets and heralds the end of world. Crazy cults surface sound the event. Lina even notices an increase of nutty myth-obsessed students in her university classes.
    When investigator Hunter Johnson asks for Lina’s help in interpreting Mayan glyphs linked to a serious drug case, it becomes clear that Lina is being followed by very dangerous people. After thugs attempt to kidnap Lina, she and Hunter are on the run.
    Beautiful Sacrifice is a sexy, chilling mystery. Lowell weaves Mayan mythology with intrigue, drug dealers, and a sizzling romance. This is an intelligent, well written summer sizzler.