1. Signature cocktail – try Whisky!

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    Today no posh event is complete without a signature cocktail.

    It isn’t always necessary to offer a full bar but offering

    an elegant mixed drink, along with wine, beer and soft drinks, is always a nice touch.

    (Right , Fever Few Bitter Lemon

    over ice with a garnish of Apple and dried cranberry)

    And if you want to be trendy try a drink made with whiskey.

    Crown Royal Regal Apple is a combination of the Canadian classic

    Crown Royal Whisky infused with natural apple flavours.

    infused with the flavor of sweet tart

    apple and a hint of spice is a party favourite.Crown Regal Apple

    Here is a cocktail recipe to try before your next big fling  or experiment  –I did.


    Crownberry Apple

    1.5oz Crown Royal Regal Apple

    4oz Cranberry Juice*

    Garnish with apple wedge


    * I like to use a good brand of Italian style soda

    (Sold at Trader Joe’s and specialty grocers) or just Fever Tree Club Soda and lime.

    I never put Sprite or 7- Up in cocktails. Wash all your citrus before cutting.