1. Short and chic

    Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood personifed chic glamour at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, in a gown of feathers and sparkles by Gucci

    Woods was nominated for for her role as Vida in Mildred Pierce, the the star-studded HBO mini-series.
    Here is the inside story behind her glam look, as well as a step-by-step guide to her look:
    The creative force behind her alluring hair look, celebrity stylist Marcus Francis of The Wall Group, began prepping Evan’s tresses a week before the big event with a regimen of René Furterer Karite intense nourishing oil  before each shampoo for moisture retention, followed with René Furterer Karite intense nourishing mask for deep-down TLC. “This was to help illuminate her creamy blond hair for the red carpet,” says Marcus. In creating her head-turning style, Marcus says, “We wanted the hair not to compete, but rather complement, her overall look. We wanted to keep her hair classic Hollywood, of course, with Evan’s signature modern edge.”
    Starting on wet hair, I sprayed Phyto Phytovolume Actif from roots to ends. Next, I gave her hair a blow-out in the direction I wanted, using my hands to work in the product to build thick, movable texture.
    ·        For a little more hold, I cocktailed the Phyto spray with Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse, and applied it to the entire head, this time blow-drying with a half-inch round bristle brush.
    ·        Using a three-quarter inch curling iron, I wrapped medium-size sections on the top of the head to set in the volume, with a little bend at the ends. This helps to lock in the texture and fullness added by the products.
    ·        I gently brushed back the top and molded the shape, connecting hair at the sides and back and keeping the volume, especially in the front. To modernize the look with Evan’s personal style, I used Davines Glossy Modeling Putty to rake back the sides with my fingers and polish up the back. I pinched horizontal sections with the putty to show texture in Evan’s blond hair and to tighten the sides for a goddess-like structure.
    ·        Last, I lightly sprayed hair with Oribe Superfine Hair Spray.
    Marcus Francis on www.thewallgroup.com