1. Shop summer sales like a stylist

    Summer sales are the perfect time to pick up a designer sun hatSummer sale season is here. Use these tips to shop the sales like a pro..
    Shop online
    Shopping online is a great way to save time, compare prices, and find elusive items. Merchandise bought online also ships from retail warehouses and has not been picked over by shoppers.
    Stock up on classic summer items
    Seasonal sales are a great time to buy coveted items that might normally be out of your budget. Here is what to look for at summer sales:
    Handbags and Totes
    Look for classic shapes and styles in straw, raffia, white, or pastels. Expensive well-made made bags will last for seasons, and this is your chance to get one at a deep discount.
    Classic T-shirts
    Stock up on neutrals if you find them. T-shirts in bold summer colours always go on sale, so you see well-made tops in your favourite shades on sale grab them. Victoria’s Secret has fabulous T-shirt sales.
    It is a great time to clean your pantie drawer and to trash ratty bras.
    Classic summer shoes are also going for a song this time of year, so stock up on wedges, espadrilles, and flip-flops. These summer styles do not really change from season to season so it is a good time to add them to your collection.
    If you have always wanted a dramatic designer sun hat, this is the time to start looking. This is also the best time of the Use seasonal sales to add a pricy raffia clutch to your collectionyear to pick up fabulous designer shades or a big piece of statement jewelry for a song.
    Look for classic suits and cover-ups. Beach towels are also a good deal this time of year.
    What not to buy on sale:
    Sunscreen! Even though we all wear sunscreen at this time of year, you may see seasonal sales. Pick up some of your favourite brand, but do not buy more than you will use in a few months. Sunscreen does expire, and you want it to be fresh.
    Beware of buying bathing suits and trendy summer dresses on sale, especially if you are the type who likes to be on the cutting edge. Even if you are not style-sensitive, a suit or dress that is “this year’s trend” will look dated next season. Unless it is a classic and you love it, leave it.
    White jeans, skirts, or pants are almost impossible to find on sale. Jeans also change shape and style every season, so be careful.
    Buying fashionable shoes at a seasonal sale can be tricky. Shoe styles date very subtly. A shoe bought a season ahead may look dated because the heel or toe is wrong.
    The best places to shop in person or online are fine department stores and small boutiques. They have fabulous seasonal sales on high quality merchandise and very fair return policies. You should also check out lingerie on online sites such as:
    Always ask or read the return policy at individual boutiques.