1. Scent causes dissent

    318013_10152434035650128_1123601145_n - CopyDarlings we live in an increasingly polarized world. Even scent is headed that way. As some draconian cities have banned wearing scent (quelle horreur!) fragrances are becoming more exotic and multi-layered. Classic Oriental fragrances such as Shalimar and Bal a Versailles have been making a comeback with their rich notes of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli. 

    New fragrances such as Tom Ford’s Private Blend Wood Oud with top notes of rosewood and cardamom, blended with Chinese pepper, and smoky oud wood, sandalwood and vetiver are also becoming popular with scent aficionados. Even Jo Malone, known for crisp, fresh scents of grapefruit and lime, now offers exotic fragrances with Oriental notes of Oud, sandalwood, and patchouli. 

    Oud is a very expensive Middle Eastern perfume ingredient made from the resin of agarwood that is said to be most expensive wood in the world. The scent of Oud is hard to describe as is civet and amber used in classic scents.  But the best description is of a deep, resinous, wood scent with over tones of musk, incense, and tobacco. Oud is aged and the older it gets the more intense the scent becomes. Oud is often burned with Bahkoor, Arabic incense used to scent, rooms, clothes, and hair. I am ordering some right now. 

    Fragrance sensitivity is a touchy issue. It pays to be sensitive to others. I am scent person. I scent myself and my home, and relish it. But I understand there are times that scent needs to be dialed back. I am conscious of not overwhelming people with fragrance in hospital environments as well as confined spaces such as airplanes. 

    Fragrance is personal. The truth is we will never know how some else tastes, hears, sees, smells, hears, or feels. I know some people find my fragrance too much, but I also get many unsolicited compliments on my perfumes. I have had men and women follow me to ask me what I was wearing because they liked it so much. So I in this increasingly polarized world, where fragrance is now yet another potential minefield, I try to strike a balance between self-expression and consideration. 

    Darlings have a sweet – scented or scented – week, as it pleases you! 

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