1. Salvage your resolutions with a little bad behaviour

    2MPMy friend Cindi Marshall Oakey is over 50 and fabulous. She has the figure of a teenager but it wasn’t always that way. Once she felt it was slipping way so she made plan – not a diet – but a plan to stay in shape for the rest of her life. I asked Cindi to share some of tips with DolceDolce readers and here is what she had to say:

    It’s just about that time of year when people’s best intentions for New Year’s resolutions drop off.  Why not change your eating habits for good and get off the failed diet cycle? In The Marshall Plan: Being Good to Be Bad, I give you a synthesized 12-week health coaching program and  easy-to-read guidelines to make smarter eating choices and still enjoy guilt-free splurges.  There are no recipes or meal plans.  You decide when to “be good” and when to “be bad”.  It’s not a diet.  It’s a lifestyle.

    Top five ways to make a difference starting today:

    Drink clear liquids

    This includes water of course, but when you enjoy a libation, make it champagne, white wine, vodka & club soda (or better, sparkling water, less sodium), or light beer.  Mixers contain sugar, and sugar turns to fat.  Stay away from fancy martinis; they are always laden with juice and syrup, unless you drink them dry, shaken, or stirred.


    Use portion control

    Eat half your meal and assess, ‘am I still hungry?’  Save the other half for later, even if it is 30 minutes to an hour later, you are learning to tune in to MINDFUL eating.


    Eliminate or reduce processed foods such as dairy which is high in saturated (bad) fat. The fat-free varieties have added sugar to compensate for flavor.  Instead choose one to two percent fat, if you have to have dairy. Watch sugar content in yogurts; more than 14 grams of sugar is high for a meal or snack.  

    Eliminate processed or white carbs

    They turn to sugar, sugar turns to fat and then you’re jeans don’t fit.  Seek whole grains with protein.  Be wary of wheat. Wheat these days is over-processed and also causes bloat (we hate that!) and food allergies.  

    Eat more greens
    Iceberg lettuce is not a choice because it has little nutrient value. Fill up on green veggies at every meal.  Diversify cooked green veggies, steam, sautéed, or roasted.  Substitute a snack with a fresh green juice (stay away from smoothies with high sugar content.) Try a veggie dinner a few days during the week. Tomatoes and mushrooms are good veggies too. Think vegetables, not just vegan. It is ok to add a little cheese or other flavourings to an otherwise veggie dinner. 

    And the number one most important thing you can do right now is: 

    Be good to yourself

    If you’re not healthy, nothing else matters.  Put yourself first.  It’s not selfish.  It’s Self-is.