1. Revitalize your hair!

    Melodie RodgersContributor Melodie Rodgers has been trying out the latest hair care products from Roots of Nature Remedies. Top trends in black hair styles in include blond highlights or all-over lightening a la Beyonce, or a natural look that uses gentle hair pressing. Both looks demand nourishing hair care to maintain the hair health and soft silky locks.

    Here is Melodie’s Review:
    Are you ready to revitalize your hair and scalp? Roots of Nature Remedies’ new Reconstructing Deep Treatmentblends the best of shea butter and green tea, which will soothe your scalp and fortify your hair with Vitamin E and loads of antioxidants.
    For extra protection and healing during the summer months, the shea butter and green tea in Roots of Nature Remedies’ new Stimulating Scalp Oilwillreplenish the moisture in your scalp and heal your hair from root to tip.
    Together, the Reconstructing Deep Treatment and Stimulating Scalp Oil will provide an optimum blend of natural support towardsyour path to healthy and beautifully growing hair. And there is a great printable coupon on the site for a discount.