1. Red carpet tips from Mally Roncal

    No one should be dependent on eye drops, but red eyes can ruin your look for a special occasion. Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal’s secret weapon for ensuring her clients are bright eyed on the red carpet is Visine Maximum Redness Relief eye drops.
    Visine Maximum Redness Relief eye drops.s my secret weapon for looking bright-eyed and awake on late nights and mornings that arrive too soon,” says the makeup maven, “because let’s face it, the ‘overtired’ look doesn’t really work for anyone.
    “Before I apply eye makeup, I add a drop to each eye to refresh and whiten eyes in seconds – so no matter what look I’m going for, ‘red eyes’ has nothing to do with it.”
    As a beauty editor and anti-aging expert, I also always have bottle of Visine in my makeup bag as well in my car to combat red eye from allergies, pollution, or flying.
    Visine Maximum Redness Relief costs $5.99