1. Puppy love

    Dog fancier and book reviewer, DolceDolce’s Alice Farnsworth gives us the lowdown on The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service by Beth Kendrick.
    Lara Madigan is a fabulous dog trainer who rescues strays of every denomination and temperament. She has an amazing ability to find anyone and everyone's doggy soul mate, but she has trouble committing to a human soul mate for herself, especially after her long-term, live-in boyfriend announces that he is not a dog person.
    Along with her furry pack, she is forced to temporarily move into the mansion of her emotionally distant, fashionista mother, in a gated, exclusive section of town.
    Word quickly gets around; the resident dog trainer can cure all your doggy problems. Suddenly business is booming, relationships are changing and both Lara, her mother, and the ex-boyfriend begin to bend, which is often the case when humans and animals interact.
    A really funny and fun book. Perfect for your summer reading.