1. Prosecco!

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    Sparkling wine is perfect for warm weather entertaining. It is light and festive. I love a good Italian Prosecco.  It is so versatile. Try one chilled as a mixer, an aperitif, or served with the main course or dessert. Certain Proseccos are perfect with dishes that can be hard to pair with wine, such as spicy Asian cuisine or certain seafood. 

    Look for  DOC, or Denominazione di origine controllata, on the label of Italian Prosecco. This assures you that the wine has met certain standards.

    There are different types of Prosecco: Spumante or sparkling, Frizzante or semi-sparkling, and Tranquillo or still. Spumante may be Brut (dry), Extra dry, or Demi-Sec (sweet). Demi-Sec can be very sweet and is best served with dessert. The best way to find out what you like is to try them. 

    Recently I tried Saome Brut La Tordera Prosecco. This effervescent wine has a nicely rounded flavour with fresh apple or pear and herb notes, and a finish that is crisp but not thin.

    Priced from $13.99 to $15.99, this Prosecco is an excellent choice for an affordable, light, but sophisticated sparkling wine. I particularly loved how it held onto its bubbles.