1. Pretty pink summer spritzer

    images (6)Click top title to open Aperol is an Italian “bitter” aperitif that is sweeter but similar to Campari. It is made from an old secret recipe, and contains a blend of bitter orange and herbs. It is popular served in spritzers with sparkling water or dry Prosecco.

    A few summers ago a good friend served us an Aperol cocktail before a summer supper in Montreal, and ever since then it has been one of my favourite warm weather aperitifs. It is light and perfect before a dinner on a sultry night.

    Serve this drink in champagne flutes or over ice. Chill the Aperol and Prosecco (You can use any type of well chilled sparklingly wine).

    Fill the glasses 1/3 with Aperol and top with Prosecco.

    Add a tart berry or slice of citrus (optional).