1. Pretty feet fast

    Sexy Revlon Red for about $5 --and you can even buy it at the grocery shopNo time for a pedicure? Don’t stress darlings! A quick DYI job is snap. Use an emery board to shape your nails into a very slight oval shape. I find nails are easier to shape with the polish still on.  After filing, remove any old polish.  In a pretty clean jar, mix 2 tbsp of olive oil with ¾ cup of kosher salt or brown sugar, and add a few drops of essential oil or your favourite perfume. Rub it into your feet. Don’t forget your toes. Take a shower or bathe, and wash off the oil. Brush on a top coat and two coats of polish. Add a top coat, if you have time. Studies show that red drives men mad — if you care. My favourite is Revlon Red. It’s a classic that suits all skin tones, doesn’t chip, and you can buy it anywhere. If you want a pale shade, try Revlon’s Sheer Rose, it is a gorgeous shade that can show off a tan. Total time 15 minutes max, not including the drying time, and your feet will look fabulous. If your hands look less than fabulous, give them the same treatment, but finish with a coat of Sheer Rose or clear to avoid chips. If you love drama, go for Revlon’s Valentine – a deep sexy shade.

    This is the perfect me-thing to do before a busy weekend while catching up on your favourite magazines or watching an episode of Mad Men!