1. Plumper lips instantly!

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    We have come a long way from the days the over-injected blow-fish lips that Goldie Hawn parodied in The First Wives’ Club. But that doesn’t mean women don’t want soft, full lips.  They question is how to get them. If you have tried popular lip plumpers, you know most of them sting. They work by irritating your lips and making them swell temporarily. 

    City Lips Advanced Formula Lip Plumper CITY Lips Advanced Formula Lip Plumper is a unique formula that not only plumps lips instantly, but according to the company, also helps to create new collagen. The new advanced formula contains twice the amount of Oligopeptides to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production. There is also an ingredient called “Celadrin” to help prevent collagen breakdown. 

    To plump your lips instantly for four to six hours, City Lips Advanced Formula Lip Plumper contains Hyaluronic Acid spheres. These spheres attract and store several times their own weight in water so lips look smooth and plump. 

    You can buy it in clear to use alone, or with your existing lip colours at $35. It also comes in a selection of pretty cool, warm, and neutral tones which cost $40.  

    I reviewed the City Lips Original Formula Lip Plumper Collagen Peptide Lip Plumping Treatment when in first launched in 2002.  It is very similar, but less concentrated. My friend and PR Maven Angela D’Amario recently surprised me with a fabulous gift of two tubes of City Lips Advanced Formula Lip Plumper.  I loved City Lips in 2002 and still do. If you want soft, naturally “plumped lips” – and the effect is very subtle but pretty – try this.