1. Please, don’t call me a bitch

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    Every time I turn around these days, some woman is calling another woman a “bitch”. Often the context is particularly strange as in “yoga bitches” or “Namaste bitches”. Don’t get me wrong darlings; I am not upset they are “bitching” all over the sacredness of yoga or anything like that. I just don’t get it. 

    Bitch is an ugly word to toss around. Certain types of men have used it for years to demean women. Perhaps women who adopt it casually are in engaged in a misguided attempt to rob it of its power. That is there right. 

    But “yoga bitches” is jarring for many reasons. Namaste means (and there are slightly different definitions) “the divine in me bows to the divine in you”. Beyond these examples, I don’t care to be addressed this way by anyone. Words and thoughts shape reality, so make your words strong and positive, not ugly and demeaning. And please, don’t call me a bitch. 

    Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings that is truly where the sweet life lies. 

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