1. Perfect Powder

    Jenn FalikRecently, I sat down with fellow beauty maven Jenn Falik when she was in town. Jenn introduced me to some of her favourite products as we chatted about our mutual passion – beauty. She shared one of her must-have items:  Darac’s Beauty TourQuam 3-D Face Sculpting Brush and Sifted Blur Powder Compact. It really is amazing.

    The TourQuam brush is designed to recreate a make-up artist’s skill. It places just the right amount of powder evenly over your face to prevent caking or a dry, powdery look. The handle of the brush has a magnet in it to help the beautifully angled bristles pick-up just the right amount of powder. This works as all cosmetic powder is infused with magnetic minerals, such as titanium dioxide. It is one of the best and most effortless I have ever used.
    You can use it with any good powder. I tried it with many of mine, and it worked fabulously. I also tried it with Darac’s Sifted Blur which is described as containing “micro-spheric optic pearls” that disperse light a diamond to create a halo effect. The powder also contains sodium hyalauronate which helps the skin attract and retain moisture. The powder is light as feather. It helps to mask flaws and set make-up, but does not show the skin. It is really lovely powder that gives a soft, ethereal finish.