May 2017

  1. Soothe sore muscles

    Anyone who takes working out  knows that hydropeptide-stimulating-relief

    aches and pains are part of the territory.

    HydroPeptide Stimulating Relief Balm is a luxurious way

    to soothe aching muscles.  This hydrating balm also contains

    anti-inflammatory ingredients.

    You can use it  before and after workouts. Motivate and reward yourself with this delicious scented treat.


  2. Trend alert: The new must-have the LVD

    For a quick and easy fall fashion update tradedkny-velvet-dress

    your little black dress

    For a little velvet slip dress.

    This versatile and flattering item can slip under jacket by day.

    Pair it with trendy over-the-knee boots or new

    chunky-heeled, T-strap pumps.

    If you want a little more coverage, try this

    DNKY V-Neck Velvet Slip Dress in Navy, $498


    Try on the trend for under $100 with this lace trimmed,

    flowing dress from Urban Outfitters.

    BOG Collective Crushed Velvet Lace Midi Slip Dress, $79


  3. The Little Book of Healthy Beauty

    In the last few years, I have seen a slew of new booksthe-little-book-of-healthy-beauty

    on “Healthy” or “Natural” beauty.

    The Little Book of Healthy Beauty;

    Simple Habits to Get You Glowing

    by Pina Loguidice, ND, LAc.

    is a standout.

    Dr. Pina knows her stuff. Her book is full of advice you can really use.

    Dr. Pina is practical and down to earth and doesn’t recommend crazy time consuming

    regimes or outrageous lists of supplements.

    If you want specific and practical suggestions based on real research to improve your health,

    vitality and beauty pick uppbbw1-10326571v600 pbbw1-10326571v600




  4. Crunchy Herbed Guacamole

    imusa-lemon-squeezerIt may be fall, but the weather is still perfect for casual

    patio entertaining. Guacamole with warm artisan Taco chips

    with spicy Salsa is favourite at my house.

    I end up squeezing tons of lemons and limes for

    the avocados and drinks. My favourite citrus squeezer is

    made by IMUSA. If you haven’t  heard of it,

    it is the leading Hispanic cookware brand.

    We have at least five different citrus presses –

    including a stunning vintage chrome Deco number. But our little

    handheld IMUSA is our go-to! I use it for cooking and making drinks

    – including Margaritas! I love it because it is so easy and quick

    to use and clean. Even my little hands can get all the juice!

    And the price of IMUSA is so reasonable!

    Crunchy Herbed Guacamole

    by George Duran for IMUSA

    2 ripened avocados

    ¼ cup cilantro

    ¼ cup fresh chives

    Juice of ½ lime

    Bottled Chipotle Hot Pepper Sauce (optional)

    3 small red radishes

    Kosher salt or table salt, to taste

    Scoop avocado flesh inside a Molcajete and add the cilantro, chopped chives, lime juice, and chipotle sauce. (I haven’t tried the IMUSA Granite Molcajete yet:  but I am going my hands on it soon).

    Gently mash with the pestle until the desired consistency is reached.

    Fold in diced radishes and season with salt to taste.

    DolceDolce tip: Serve with gently warmed artisan-made Taco chips.

    I always warm the chips and look for local, artisan-made chips.

    This is also excellent with cold a Margarita

    My House Margarita recipe 

    For one drink

    Juice of 2 fresh limes

    (Rub rim of glass with rind of cut lime and then rub the wet rim in a little Kosher or  Sea Salt to coat)

    2 tsp. of simple syrup homemade or bought

    ½ ounce orange, liqueur- use any good brand

    2 ounces silver Tequila

    Shake or stir with ice and pour over fresh ice in salt rimmed glass.



  5. Exercise and nature – a winning combo!

    Gracey Hitchcock

    Gracey Hitchcock

    When I lived in Moscow, I developed a new appreciation

    for “Nature” and “Nature  Lovers”.

    My Russian friends always stopped to appreciate the wonders

    of the great outdoors.  Having a “Dacha”

    or country house – however simple or grand

    — was a luxury.

    How wise my friends were in their love of the outdoors.

    I know nature and country get-a-ways are loved around the world.

    But, I have never to this day heard so many people extoll the

    their love of the country as I  did in four years in Moscow.   And it seems they-

    and all nature lovers were right.

    There is significant new research on the benefits of exercising

    outside in the great outdoors. According to Phys Ed Columnist

     for the New York Times Gretchen Reynolds, “Studies haven’t yet

    established why, physiologically, exercising outside might improve

    ‘dispositions or inspire greater commitment to an exercise program”.

    In the same article she added, “A few small studies have found that

    people have lower blood levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress,

    after exerting themselves outside as compared with inside.”


    So while, I am not giving up my barre or yoga classes – and I am

    not suggesting you either – don’t underestimate the value of walking

    to the gym or after dinner with a friend or lover.  We tend over

    complicate things these days – and in doing so we may miss a lot of benefits.



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  6. Fall’s new sexy florals

    Click the topmost title to open    Scent of a Dream

    After years of little girl, fruity-florals this fall there is return to lush, sexy scents.

    These new florals are softer and sultrier than you might think when you

    “Floral”.  I am not implying there is no room for a crisp, citrus scent

    – There is and always will be. There nothing better in the heat, the morning

    , or by the sea. But, the scent of a woman is something else entirely.

    Charlotte Tilbury’s first fragrance, Scent of a Dream, 

    Is as lush and sexy as one would expect from the creator

    Of the posh makeup line that sells looks called 

    The Golden Goddess and the Glamour Muse.

    “Charlotte’s Scent of a Dream has what has I call a ground-breaking balance

    To it, and it is an entirely new perfume group of both Floral & Chypre”, is how Francois Robert,

    the fourth generation nose who has created perfumes for Hermes,

    Lanvin, Missoni, and Les Perfumes de Rosine, described the result of his collaboration with Tilbury.

    Charlotte calls it her fleurotic frequency. It has the fresh lightness

    Of a floral and the alluring depth and sexiness of a Chypre,

    Without being heavy or dark. This scent smells amazingly unique and people

     Fall in love with it! He went on getting specific and effusive,

    “Charlotte’s choice of traditional and modern ingredients comes together in a new way.

    It is like nothing I have ever smelled before! The Pepper, Frankincense,

    and Violet stand out beautifully and beguilingly within the composition of the scent.

    I have worked on many scents to procure what Charlotte describes as a distinctive

    ‘TRAIL,’ and this perfume is one of the first to actually have it. It gilds hallways!”

    Charlotte also worked with neuroscientists Dr. Richard Axel and Dr. Linda Buck

    to create a scent that works in as elemental a level as human pheromones.

    The press release explained that part of the brain responsible for our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system in our brain – the seat of emotion and memory.

    Charlotte described the effect of her fragrance this way,

    “It combines intoxicating floral extracts & musk from scent history with

    newly-discovered psycho-active ingredients of the future, creating a universal key to attraction.

    I believe that with Scent of a Dream, you can create your own destiny through its psycho-active,

    fleurotic frequency. It has the power to attract your future and ignite memories of your past.”

    I tried sample vial the day it launched.  The fragrance is seductive and sophisticated –

    it lingered elegantly on my skin.  I didn’t expect like it much but it is enticing.

    The essence of the Scent of Dream is captured in a short film with

    Charlotte’s friend, super model Kate Moss.  Moss is also the inspiration for The Dreamy Look

    makeup collection. It is a shimmering palette based on Kate Moss’s look for the 

    Scent of Dream film in burnished golds and bronze.

    $100 for 50mL (There will be 30mL and 100mL bottle available in October)

    Kenzo will launch a new fragrance this month. Kenzo World is KENZO WORLD

    the first fragrance from Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the company’s new creative team.

    Both of them are from California. They met at the University of California, Berkeley,

    and started to work for Kenzo in 2011. For the 2013 fall-winter collection, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon made the eye the iconic motif of the Kenzo World:

    “The all-seeing eye is a major imprint of the collection and alludes to the force of

    the third eye and to spiritual protection from above,” they explain. This symbol is the inspiration behind the striking bottle designed in collaboration with Patrick Li that holds their beguiling new scent!

    The eye symbol now transcends into the universe of fragrance, and you will have a chance to see and smell it at the end of August. Master perfumer, Francis Kurkdjia created the scent working with Lim and Leon. quoted Leon at their big opening bash in Paris celebrating its creation, “It’s all the notes that we love. It’s a little bit of Parisian floral meets a California kind of freshness and everything in between.” I had to use the quote – I think it captures the scent exactly.This light fragrance, with notes of Peony and Egyptian Jasmine, is light and breezy like California but also has depth and a feminine sophistication.  Kenzo World has a je ne sais quoi that feels very Parisian.

    Ambroxan, a synthetic that replaces now outlawed Ambergris, helps to give Kenzo World its soft, subtle, seductive quality.  Ambroxan gives a fragrance, that powdery amber-musk scent that is so sexy in an understated way.  This is how Master Perfumer Francis Kukrdjian describes it:  “Ambroxan gives the flowers the enticing quality that we need to forget them as such. It’s a bit like the sfumato in the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, when you juxtapose power. It acts like a fog, when the mist blurs the contours of things all around, and we only recognize their hazy outline.”

    I liked this this fragrance at first sniff but as I wore it I fell in love.  It opens up as it warms on the skin. Kenzo World is very feminine but very modern. I couldn’t help but think it suited Lim and Leon’s Kenzo girl who “inhabits the present, like right now.”

    Available in September, find it at Bloomingdales (exclusive) 1.7 ounce $86 and 2.5 ounces $100

    Outside the US:

    Krigler Mediterranean Peach 15 is made with natural essence of Mediterranean Peach from Provence in Saint Tropez,

    This light scent, with hint of peach and earthy blackberry leaves, is easy to wear on sultry summer days.

    It costs $245. For 1.7 ounces and $355.  For 3.4 ounces.

    New to know:

    Iso E Super® is one of the hottest new perfume ingredients around. You can read about its popularity in many of this fashion fall’s magazines. Equally popular is the quietly seductive and mysterious,  Ambroxan, It is synthetic that replaces now outlawed Ambergris and gives scents that powdery amber-musk quality that is so sexy in an understated way. Both of notes are proving very seductive.

    They work their magic in Charlotte Tilbury’s Scent of a Dream and KENZO WORLD! According to  www.  Iso E Super is decried by its creators International fruit and flowers as, “Smooth, woody, amber with unique aspects giving’ ’velvet’’ like sensation. Used to impart fullness and subtle strength to fragrances. Superb floralizer found in the majority of newer fine fragrances and also useful in soaps. Richer in the desirable gamma isomer than isocyclemone e” –   The effect is really something! People seem mad for both scents – and compliments have come thick and fast. Everyone wants to know – “What is that – it smells so delicious”





  7. Lemons and Vinegar make hair shine!

    download (3)Click the topmost title to open

    There is nothing worse than dull, lackluster hair.

    It just sits there. Often hard water and other

    Impurities are to blame.

    Here are two rinses that restore shine:

    Klorane Vinegar Shine Rinse with Chamomile is based on an age old beauty secret.

    Klorane calls it, “The secret weapon of in-the-know French girls”.download (4)

    The acidic pH of vinegar smooths hair scales and purifies the scalp so hair can shine!

    Chamomile brings out blonde highlights, naturally.

    Chamomile is the “sunshine flower” and has been used

    for decades to bring out highlights. There is also a New Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile.

    They both use Egyptian chamomile that contain special golden pigments to brighten blond hair and bind to brown hair.

    As always with Klorane there are no:  Parabens Sulfates and it is also preservative-free, silicone-free, biodegradable, and vegan.

    $ 18.00

    Beautiful Nutrition’s Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment uses

    active lemon extracts to remove product build up.   Hair is left full of body and shine – with the enjoyable the scent of lemon!

    The product has no Parabens, BPH, and Phthalates, no synthetic fragrance, no synthetic colors and is guaranteed free from cruelty to animals.

    $ 10.00



  8. Super hydrating sun screen

    download (2)Click the topmost title to open

    The problem with wearing sunscreen is that it can

    Leave your face looking oily or very dry.

    Too many of them get greasy, cause break outs or cake up.

    That’s why I fell in love with

    AMOREPACIFIC Resort Collection Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen.

    This broad spectrum sunscreen makes skin look and feel moist and hydrated.

    It is the most luxurious and elegant sun screen I’ve tried.

    As the company says, it is “perfect for on the go touch ups”

    and if you burn-easily as I do,  you know

    how important this can be.

    The lovely compact is equipped with a specially designed

    anti-microbial puff, enabling hygienic use. These puffs help make application smooth and seem to keep your product very clean.

    As with all AMOREPACIFIC products, the sunscreen ingredients of Zinc Oxide, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, and Titanium Dioxide are supplemented with

    anti-ageing botanicals.


    Plum extract is added to protect against “heat-aging which accelerates oxidation and inflammation

    the two major causes of premature aging”.  Purslane extract is added as “superior antioxidant protection, reducing skin irritation from environmental aggressors”. And Bamboo sap is “rich in minerals and amino acids” and it “hydrates for long-lasting suppleness”.  All together this formula leaves skin protected and glowing.


    A few reviewers on store sites have complained that this is” just a sunscreen”. It is just a sunscreen – a fabulous, luxurious, effective, sun screen.

    I see why Olympians like Swimmer Natalie Coughlin and Soccer Player Hope Solo love the AMOREPACIFIC range of Cushion Compacts.  They know the importance of waterproof and sweat proof sun protection.