1. Out, damn spot!

    Sun spots and discoloration mar your complexion and make you look older. Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector uses “active science” and proven botanical ingredients to treat and prevent an uneven tone.
    According to Neostrata scientists, “Patented NeoGlucosamine gently exfoliates to break up pigment clusters, while Retinol and a stable form of Vitamin C help reduce the intensity of existing spots. The active ingredient in Turmeric and a special blend of Alpine Plants help prevent new spots from forming. Optical diffusers create an instant, all-over brightness.”
    Excess sun exposure of the years can cause dark spots and discoloration on your face hands and décolleté. Exuviance OptiLight Tone Corrector is a fabulous alternative for to use hydroquinone or is sensitive to it. Hydroquinone has been banned in Europe.
    We really like Neostrata products because they work. They give us great results and beautiful skin at fraction of the cost of similar products.