1. Out damn spot

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    Spots and stains are never fun but when you are traveling a mishap to your wardrobe can be a serious inconvenience. Simply Spotless New York’s essential travel collection can save your clothes and perhaps your day.

    The kit contains small bottles that are easy to pack and, at two ounces and smaller, will pass TSA regulations.  The kit contains fabric cleaner, linen mist, and laundry cleaner. Meryl Santopietro company’s founder explained, “As an interior designer for more than twenty years, I realized the need for cleaning products as a lifestyle choice”.  The environmentally-conscious products contain a cosmetic-grade level of ingredients which, according to the company, “make the product 30 to 50 percent more effective than other cleaning products on the market”.

    I tried the Spot Remover on delicate white cotton. It lifted a spot instantly and dried with no tell-tale ring.

    Removing spots to avoid unnecessary dry cleaning is one of the best ways to preserve the life of your fine garments.

    Simply Spotless New York’s essential travel collection cost $30.

    http://www.simplyspotlessny.com/ for stores in the U.S. and Canada.