1. One competition is one too many

    12graceysmallClick on top title to open Recently I opened a press release for a new YouTube channel that encourages you post your last will for family, friends, and posterity. I can’t say this shocked me, after writing about the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and the antics of other reality stars little of this nature does. But it did disgust me. The money-making scheme –and that is all that this is – is promoting its launch with a contest .To encourage people give them free content they are offering “up to $2,500 in cash prizes for the video that gets the most votes”. The whole idea is revolting and exemplifies exploitation. I do get chuckle thinking about the jokes late night comics will make at their expense and the hundreds of fake “wills” they will sift have to view and will post. I for one would never participate in this tawdry nonsense. I hope it soon is exposed for what it is a crash attempt to exploit a sensitive subject or to attempt to get free content with such paltry prizes. All in all this is one too many contests for me.

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