1. Once a Duchess


    Click on the top title to open all blocks! Elizabeth Boyce’s Once A Duchess is modern regency romance with plenty of sizzle. It is not quite literotic, but has enough romantic tension and steamy love scenes to satisfy any fan of the genre. 

    Isabelle Lockwood has been divorced by her husband Marshall, the Duke of Monthwaite. He accused her of adultery and cast her off. His actions have ruined her and disgraced her family. 

    Several years later, finding Isabelle scraping by making her living as a cook, Marshall is ashamed. He is also disconcerted to discover that he is still attracted to his former wife. In true “Regency” style, circumstances conspire to throw the couple together. Soon Marshall and Isabelle are battling their mutual attraction. 

    What sets Once a Duchess apart is the timeless appeal of Boyce’s characters. Each one is flawed, but also likable and sympathetic.  Boyce employs a contemporary tone and pacing that will appeal to readers who enjoy the wit and whimsy of a Regency Romance, but who find the classic style of this genre too layered or plodding.