1. No one asks you to skip a class

    tea 4cHave you ever noticed that many people consider your time to work out flexible or even disposable?  If a friend or colleague wants to book a meeting during your yoga or mind-body class many of them have no problem suggesting you “skip” your class.  And if you planned a solitary session at the gym, heaven help you if you expect most people to respect your schedule. After all it, you were “just” going to the gym. 

    That is why I stopped telling most people where I am going. My neighbours and friends at the hotel where I take my classes know my schedule, but few others do, and it is no one’s business unless I decide to tell. If pressed I will say I have a “class.” Both statements are true as my preferred workout is a yoga or barre class. But, it is funny how no one asks me to skip a “class” or to “do it later.” 

    Getting into a regular fitness regime is hard enough without sabotage!  My husband is all for my régime and will push me out the door for class. But over the years I have learned I need to vigilantly defend my schedule as there is always someone who wants to adjust it for their own convenience. 

    Darlings, what you do with your time is your own business, if you are not on someone else’s clock. image_1364151078389522

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