1. No more stopped drains or ground flatware

    123sinkstationjpgClick on top title to open and scroll  Have your heard about SinkStation? It is a new kitchen gadget from the UK Рand it is brilliant.

    Its makers, www.newsoda.co.uk, say it was originally designed to just catch peelings, (which it does brilliantly) but can also be used to help prepare foods which need to be individually hand-washed, drained, defrosted or rested.

    They call it a flat colander, which is a good description, but we might call it a cutting board with drainage. It is designed to fit into the bottom of your sink, and that is what makes it so smart. Before I had a garbage disposal, my husband worried whenever I would cook for big parties. When I was prepping mountains of fresh produce, it was inevitable that some of the peelings would end up down the drain. And that is not great for the plumbing. Now that we have a disposal it seems equally unavoidable that every so often a piece of flatware slips into the disposal to be ground up. The sound is hideous and it is not fabulous for the silver. SinkStation is a simple, hygienic, and brilliant solution. I may need two of them.

    It costs about $18. Find it online at Amazon and from other vendors.