1. No more bad breath!

    Bad breath can be the kiss of death. Image by LissenThere are few things worse than having to talk to some with really bad breath. It knocks you out and can even make you nauseous. It can be the kiss of death professionally, as no one wants to be around it. Who needs that in this economy? And, it is definitely a turn-off romantically and socially! I remember a guy one of my friends dated. I don’t know how she stood it. I dreaded running into them; his breath was so bad, it made me ill. 

    There is a mouthwash called Smart Mouth that can tame dreaded dragon breath. It is the only mouthwash proven to give you fresh breath all day and all night, regardless of what you eat or drink. One rinse with Smart Mouth in the morning, according to its creators, gives you fresh breath all day. One rinse at night and it promises you can wake up with no morning breath! That may sound unbelievable, but it’s been clinically-proven and independently-verified. You can see the proof at www.smartmouth.com. I tired it after eating raw onion, which I adore and often avoid before any social or work situations. It worked fabulously well.
    Here are some tips to avoid bad breath from an expert, the creator of Smart Mouth, Dr. Susanne Cohen:
    1. Limit your libations. While those alcoholic beverages may lessen first-date jitters or help set the mood for a romantic night, alcohol is a drying agent that can dehydrate the body and mouth. The result? Alcohol can cause or worsen bad breath on your big date and leave you with a painful headache the next day. Try to limit yourself to one drink per hour and have a glass of water between each one. 
    2. Pass on a protein-packed meal. Carb-conscious diners beware, all of that additional protein is actually food for the germs that live in our mouths. From those proteins, germs create bad breath gases.
    3. Cut out the coffee. Everyone knows about coffee breath, but what they may not know is it that is not caused by drinking coffee alone. Coffee itself smells delicious! “Coffee breath,” as we know it, is the result of coffee on top of already-existing bad breath. So, stay away from that mid-afternoon Starbucks and stick to water.
    4. Go lightly on the Godiva. While chocolates do have some benefits – they give you an immediate blood sugar boost, and dark chocolate contains tryptophan which triggers the release of serotonin, a natural anti-depressant. You need to be careful not to overindulge. After about an hour, the germs that cause bad breath will begin to increase, putting you at risk for a less-than-fresh farewell kiss. 
    5. Watch out when you wake up! Everyone wakes up with morning breath every day. The morning after swooning over your sweetheart is no exception. Especially if you overindulged in the above-mentioned bad breath foes. Try discreetly to make your way to the restroom before you roll over to say good morning.