1. Natural beauty

    Natural beauty

    Are you the type of girl who like a soft, natural look? Are you

    looking for one that will leave your lashes soft and flexible? Do

    you desire gentle enhancement, not a full out  glam-gal look? 

    Then L’Oreal Mascara Bare Naturale Mineral Enriched

    Mascara may be your dream product.  It’s

    full of conditioners such as Vitamin E and aloe. It goes on soft.

    If you are careful, it doesn’t clump. The look is definitely

    soft. There is no strong scent. If you want wow lashes, this not

    your mascara. But if you like it soft and natural, you will love

    this! At most drug and big box stores. www.lorealparis.com


    DolceDolce trend alert

    Bend me, shape me,

    anyway you want me

    So goes the lyric from a classic rock song by The

    American Breed – and it’s what most of

    us do get fabulous lashes. I know darlings, I have done it all.

    In the pursuit of lashes to die for, contributing editor Anne

    Gravel and I have tried extensions, extenders, and

    a whole host of mascaras. Anne adores lash extensions and her recommendations

    are in the archives  www.dolcedolce.com.

    Anne loves her lash extensions
    I stick mostly to mascara. Those I like for every day are made by

    L’Oreal Paris: Voluminous

    and Telescopic, in blackest black.  When

    I am feeling very extravagant, I adore Chanel Inimitable

    Multi Dimensional Mascara. I like a heavily-lashed,

    glam look. 

    In spite of less than lavish lashes, I passed on the lash growing

    products by Jan Marini and others. Jan Marini

    has since discontinued this product as it contained prescription glaucoma

    medicine. This seems like such a bad idea to me, I avoid the whole


    Allergan, the makers of Botox,

    have finished clinical trials on a preparation to

    grow lashes that uses an ingredient in their prescription medicine

    Lumigan. Lumigan is used to treat glaucoma and was also seen to

    grow darker, thicker lashes as a secondary effect. Ironically, this

    is exactly how Botox came to be used as a cosmetic. A Vancouver

    eye doctor noticed and documented the secondary effect of Botox

    in wrinkle reduction. Allergan’s product will be sold by prescription.

    When the first Spin Lash Mascara hit

    the drug and big boxes stores, I took a good look them. The battery-powered

    wands can be used with your own mascara or the one that comes with

    it. It cost abut $15. I just can’t bring myself to buy one.

    I just don’t need anything that spins that close to my eyes.

    I have poked myself a few time with plain mascara; that was bad

    enough. A spinning mascara just doesn’t appeal to me. Besides,

    I haven’t heard raves about it from my sources.

    Now Lancôme and Estee

    Lauder have come out with prestige spinning mascaras,

    Oscillation and Turbo lash

    respectively. The cult is already forming, but I am still not convinced.

    I may change my mind. After all it’s hard to resist trying something

    so new from two acknowledged innovators. Both companies make some

    of the most popular mascaras on the market.

    Most beauty products today are pretty fabulous. I think they

    are usually worth trying once, if they interest you. But in today’s

    economy, value for money is important too. So when it comes to my

    lashes, I will continue to bend them, shape them ,and black them

    – but I will not be spinning them, at least not anytime soon. But

    another thing I have learned about beauty is: never say never.