1. Must have beach reading

    deardaughterClick on top title to open  Jane Jenkins has spent 10 years in prison for the murder of wealthy, socialite mother. Now she is finally free, thanks to the efforts of her lawyer and a legal technicality. All she wants to do is disappear and find out what really happened the night her mother died.

    Jane has no memories of her mother’s murder.  She woke up next to the corpse and a shot gun. It was well known that Jane and her mother did not get along. That, and Jane’s scandalous reputation as a party girl, was enough to convict her on circumstantial evidence. Jane desperately needs to know what happened that night. But to find out, she needs to unravel the secrets of her mother’s past.

    Once free, Jane ditches her lawyer and sets out for her mother’s home town in South Dakota. To travel undetected by journalists intent on following her, Jane disguises herself.  She masks all traces of her former blond bombshell persona behind layers of ill-fitting clothes, glasses, and an awkwardly-cut brown bob. 

    Dear Daughter is a clever mystery with unexpected plot twists and plenty of red herrings. It is also amusing full of wry observations. The author, Elizabeth Little, is a clever writer.  She defines her characters with subtle, deft strokes. As the narrator, Jane Jenkins’ sly self-deprecating wit kept me chuckling even through the darkest turns of events.

    Elizabeth Little knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats, engaged and off-balance. Dear Daughter is an addictive summer read. You will finish it and crave more.