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    The Secrets of A Scoundrel is the final book in Gaelen Foley’s Inferno Club Series. The book stands alone as modern, sexy Regency read, but it also completes the bestselling series about a group of dashing aristocrats who belong to a secret order that functions as an early version of Britain’s MI5 intelligence service. 

    The Secrets of a Scoundrel tells the story of the darkest and most troubled member of the Inferno Club: Nick, or Lord, Forrester. Nick is reputed to be the most deadly and dangerous member of the order. For reasons not understood by his friends he has disobeyed and possibly betrayed the order. As punishment, he is locked away. 

    Nick is mouldering away in a dungeon when Virginia, Lady Burke, comes to see him with a proposition. She needs his help to rescue kidnapped girls who will be sold in slavery.

    She wants his word he won’t try to escape. Unbeknownst to Nick, Virginia is the secret love-child of his mentor and the order’s founder. Nick agrees to help free the girls and gives Virginia his word that he will not run away. 

    What Virginia doesn’t tell Nick is that she has another mission connected to secrets that have haunted her. In true Regency Romance tradition their attraction is instantaneous, their passion is fiery and the path to true love is fraught. This is the darkest and in many ways most romantic of Inferno Club tales.