1. Make pricy shoes new again

    The patent leather on these heels is now perefect again and so are the soles!
    Don’t you hate it when your favourite shoes get nicks in the heels and start to look tacky? They lose that cute, classy, chic look when the heels are all chewed up. City streets, grates, cobblestones, and even driving can damage the shoes of the most fastidious diva.
    Now you can give your fabulous and pricy shoes new life.
    For years, I have had my favourite shoes renewed at specialty cobblers. They have stripped the heels and carefully replaced the leather. They have touched up or replaced soles and made my shoes look brand new.
    I have until recently lived in places where I was lucky to find skilled craftsmen who could repair my delicate designer shoes. But now these skilled craftsmen people are getting scarce. You may not have access to one to keep your prized footwear in pristine condition.
    Zabellos is a new service that offers old world craftsmanship. You can now go online and order designer-level shoe repairs. You can select your repair, get an estimate, and have shipping labels and boxes mailed to you.
    The prices for the repairs are very competitive. They begin at $49, including shipping. Repairs take between 10 and 15 days from door to door. Be specific about your needs and do not hesitate to call or email with questions.
    I was invited to try the service and sent in pair of my favourite Stuart Weitzman black patent sling-backs. They are what I call my "workhorse shoes," as I walk in them frequently on city streets. The heels and soles take a beating. They were returned with perfectly-recovered heels and new soles. The $89 cost of repair extended the life of my hard-to-find size and style of shoes that retail for much more. For me that is a bargain.
    Like new heels and soles for my favoueite city walking shoesBy using services such as Zabellos I have kept my designer shoes looking fabulous for decades. I also like to send in my designer boots for post-winter rehab and zipper replacements after a season of slush and salt.
    Now you can buy the shoes you want and wear them confidently, knowing you have the help you need to keep them looking fabulous!
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