1. Make it work for you!

    318013_10152434035650128_1123601145_n - CopyStudies have shown that friends’ bad habits can negatively impact your health. I have seen it with my younger friends.  What works for your body may not work for your best friend, or she may not be ready to commit to regular workouts.  

    Choose the workout that works for you.  Learn to take care of your health. Learn what feels good and how to work through the challenges. You will be glad you did. Make it work for you. It isn’t selfish; it is good sense.

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    I am now operating Luxury of Pearls from out Facebook page feel free to message me for any of your gift needs! 


    We can mail beautiful pearls wrapped with card to anyone on your list.

    *Priority Charges may apply depending on when order is placed for Canada





    Gracey Hitchcock


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