1. Make an anti-aging lunch

    Crisp panini with lean cold cuts, cheese, and fresh basil for anti-oxidents beneiftsMaking your own lunch can save you time, money, calories and even help keep you younger too. Yes, it’s true! Herbs and spices are all rich in anti-oxidants that help to slow the aging process.  They are also tasty. When you make your own lunch, you can add them even to a temping and crisp Panini. This one is filled with fragrant basil. The cherry tomatoes have tons of healthful lycopene. The lunch does have chips, but it is a100 calorie portion of baked chips and is for a person who is not dieting. The vegetables are fresh and meats are lean and full of iron-rich protein. If you like, add a salad berry salad with kiwi and you have ‘youth salad’. My lunch is usually soup or salad. I like packaged miso when I feel lazy or want something really light. Look for the low-sodium type, only 60 calories.

    Indulge in fabulous lunches with friends. Skip soul- and body-destroying junk. Eat your packed lunch and go for walk instead of wasting time in crowded food courts.