1. Make a date and keep it!

    Real Housewife Ramona Singer is a real business maven. She says you need to sey aside time daily to get projects of the ground.Summer is a fabulous time to make a change, break a habit or start a new project.
    According to experts, most people feel more energetic and alive in the summer months.
    Days are longer making it easier to squeeze in another activity after work or dinner. 
    Is there something that you would like to achieve? Maybe you’d like to
    lose a few pounds and learn a new skill – or, maybe you have a bigger dream?
    Get started, and jump right in. If you are intimidated, start small.
    Experts say that it takes 30 days to break a habit and the same time form a new one. And it is easier to give up bad behaviour if you replace with something new that you enjoy.
    Fitness, dieting, or learning new things is easier and more effective with help. So find a class or a teacher. A daily class or meeting with councilor is good as it forces you to set aside time to go. Also, remember, you don’t owe anyone information about how you spend your time. If you feel silly telling friends or colleagues that you can’t meet with them when you have your class or meeting for your weight loss or music lesson, all you need to say is: “Can we make it another time? I have an appointment”. You owe explanations to no one but an employer, if you are company time. Soon, everyone will understand you are not available at that time and leave you alone. Trust me darlings, it works! And it is empowering!
    In her popular The Artist's Way books, writer Julia Cameron dictates the importance adhering to a daily routine and setting aside time to work. She assigns her students “morning pages” or journaling upon awaking to capture creativity of their awaking minds.
    Recently Donny Deutsch, the former host of The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and the chairman of Deutsch Inc. a major Madison Avenue adverting company, encouraged Today Show viewers who wanted to start a new business to “just get started”. He told them to find something they had a passion and to go for it. Deutsch, however, cautioned fledgling entrepreneurs not to quit their day jobs right away. He advised viewers to start small and test their ideas.

    Real Housewife of New York, Ramona Singer
    might be too over the top for some, but she is a crack business woman who founded her own multi-million dollar fashion business by age 29. Singer’s business savvy is not exaggerated for the cameras; she is the real deal. She recently advised fellow housewife Sonja Morgan to spend three hours every day working in her new entertaining business.
    Darlings, almost all of have something we really want to do or change. Fear or even just a lack of organization holds us back. So start small and change one thing.
    You may want to lose some weight, get fit, start a business, and learn to play the piano, or even get some quiet time into your life. Learn to make a date with yourself every day to work on dreams – and keep it.