1. Mademoiselle Chanel

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    C.W. Gortner’s novel is a delightfully-written novel. Mademoiselle Chanel captures the life and spirit of the legendary Coco Chanel. 

    The story opens with the death of Coco’s mother. Coco and her sister are packed off to a convent.  While Coco desperately misses her father and brothers, the convent is where she learns to sew and read. The nuns lay the foundations of discipline, simplicity, and ambition that shape her destiny.  The simplicity of the nuns habits and crisp white linens was said to have been a life long influence on Chanel’s style.

    Gortner’s own background as fashion executive makes him adept at highlighting the pivotal experiences and encounters that help to create “Coco Chanel.” 

    Those familiar with Chanel as well as those who know nothing of her life will find Mademoiselle Chanel an insightful and delicious read.