1. Lose weight on the supermarket diet

    I loved The Diet Detectives All American Diet by Charles Platkin. Diet Detective’s All American Diet: An Alternative to Jenny Craig® or NutriSystem® It’s Simple: Choose. Shop. Eat. Lose. 

    The book’s title is very long but the concept is simple; buy healthful prepared diet food from the supermarket and follow your own custom weight loss plan. It is the solution for anyone who just can’t or won’t cook for themselves, but needs to lose weight. Not everyone can afford or wants to join a program that delivers calorie- controlled meals. This book helps the average person build a healthful diet from supermarket and fast food.
    Canned soup, frozen entrées, fast food, and convenience store fare are all included in the list of 1,800 choices.
    Would I eat this way? No. There is no chance of it as I like to cook and eat fresh food. But, if you find yourself eating takeout and microwaved frozen food, and you want to lose weight, this book can help.
    The publisher points out, “the foods you’ll find in The Diet Detective’s All-American Diet are stepping-stones. You may not be able to go to the farmers market on a daily basis and pick up organic produce. However, with this diet you will lose weight, get more interested in fitness, gradually change your eating habits, and start living a brand new life.”
    Will you lose weight? The research indicates you should, if you follow the plan. According to the publisher, “an article in the journal Obesity Research states that “consumption of portion-controlled entrées resulted in greater losses of weight and fat, thereby reducing cardiovascular disease risk. Accurate portion control is an important factor in weight-loss success, and use of packaged entrées is an effective method of achieving this.”
    So why not try it Dr. Platkin’s way? He makes dieting cheap and easy. The book has meal plans for diets that range in calorie count from 1,200 calories day to 1,600. You choose your own food and the doctor has advice on everything from shopping to exercise and staying motivated!
    If you have failed on other diets because you hate to cook, need portion control, or you really crave fast food, try this plan.